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Arizona Complete Remodel is a repair and remodeling contractor for commercial and residential properties.  We are based in Tucson, Arizona.


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About us

Arizona Complete Remodel

My name is Jeffrey Varga and I own and operate Arizona Complete Remodel LLC, a repair and remodeling contractor for commercial and residential properties.

Born and raised in Tucson, I have been repairing and remodeling properties in the Tucson area for 15 years.  To quote my son years ago, “my daddy can fix anything.” Although this isn’t always true, I do enjoy making every effort to repair something before replacement.  The best part of my job is the satisfaction of completing a project on time and within budget with my customer thrilled with the quality of the finished product.

I have been able to participate in various capacities on projects big and small, commercial and residential.   My Arizona contractor license allows me to work on your personal residence or commercial place of business.

If you hire Arizona Complete Remodel to manage or complete your project, my extensive experience working hands on with teams of employees and sub-contractors will ensure success and satisfaction.  I bring both academic and real world experience while providing my service to you.  I learned extensive organizational skills while earning a bachelor degree in Business Management from Northern Arizona University.  Time on the job for the last 15 years has given me an understanding on how to apply advanced business techniques to the construction process.


My specialty that I offer to you is trust.


The most common concern I hear from new customers is trusting a contractor to complete a project as agreed.  My personal attention to each project will give you peace of mind and establish trust in my business.  I pride myself on the amount of work received from endorsements of past customers.   My goal with every project is to have a satisfied customer that will feel comfortable recommending Arizona Complete Remodel to their friends and family.